New Holographic 3D Display

By HD Focus – 360° 3D Holographic Display Showcase is a holographic 3D display viewable from 4 sides. It allows you to combine a physical object with 3D holographic content. It is originally designed for smaller objects such as jewelry, perfume, watches, toys and mobile phones, but FMCG products could also be displayed. […]

New Wireless Speakerphone ! คมชัดกว่า Bluetooth

เหมาะสำหร้บใช้งานในห้องประชุม ที่มีขนาดรัศมีไม่เกิน 3 เมตร  (**และรัศมีไม่เกิน 6 เมตร สำหรับรุ่น EZ-SW2E2) ทำงานในย่านความถี่ 2.4 GHz ด้วยเทคโนโลยี : Intelligent frequency hopping Strong anti-interference technology Broadband speaker output Speech enhancement technology Built-in Gen 2 intelligent echo cancellation, noise Cancellation, automatic gain control arithmetic Interface: USB, XLR adapter Interface optional Battery: Built-in battery, intelligent power saving mode, easy USB […]

HD Focus Site Reference – Focus Media, People’s Daily, China

Focus Media, People’s Daily, China Focus Media is the largest out-of-home advertising network media company in China, their solution is widely used in super market, food plaza, shopping mall, CBD building, office building , cinemas; after many years of cooperation, Focus Media has purchased over 3000 units of wall-mounted kiosks […]